A story about passionate branding

I was lazily walking on Victoriei avenue while exploring the sight of all those beautiful little terraces. They were all inviting the passers bye to join the magical taste of coffee, embodied with colors and sparkling wines or sweet pastry. I entered a nice cozy boutique and chose a delicate sandwich and a cappuccino. The smell of roasted coffee together with Mia`s perfume and the Ambiental vanilla scent took me back to Switzerland when I was living in Geneve.

Mia, the owner, had this large smile, big eyes and, of course, she knew how to sell. She gave me full information about her brand, how she built it from scratch and why people are always coming back. We talked half an hour about consistency and coherence, about the brand book, guidelines, and so many other branding aspects.

I paid a fortune for that little pleasure, but it was worth my money. That day shaped my entire life because I fell in love with branding. Destiny was calling and I had to be prepared for the many challenges that lied ahead. Since then, I have been studying branding, matching theoretical information with case studies and psychological and sociological approaches. If you made your mind to build revolutionary brands, here you are five pieces of advice:

  1. Choose wisely a strong team who understands the emotional parts of the brain and who can turn those into your advantage
  2. Trust the chosen team to transform your business into a revolutionary brand
  3. Build step by step
  4. Never give up
  5. Never give up (there is no repetition here, just a way of emphasizing the same message – a little bit like in branding)

So, are you ready to build a revolutionary brand with us?

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