Sales are down, please help!

Really? Are your sales down? This is not good, but this can be an opportunity for you to understand that something is off.

There is no recipe for success, there is only the right timing, the right place, with the right people. Assuming that your product/service is good and it differentiates from the competition, please read the following:

The Right Timing & Place

The easiest way to sell is to be present when your potential clients need you. But how can you anticipate the perfect moment? Let me tell you as straight as possible. With a wise communication strategy, you can achieve this goal! There are tools, channels, sociological and psychological insights meant to help you better sell. Once upon a time, there was a woman who needed a little black dress to impress a man the next day. The problem was that she didn`t have much time for shopping. The first thing she did: she googled a little black dress. Google, like a good old friend, opened his doors and showed her tremendous results: four of them were paid websites, while the next six were unpaid. What did our lady choose? What would you have chosen?

The Right People

There was a time when human resources were abundant in Romania. These days, wherever your type of business, you have to struggle to find the right members for your team. If you want to be successful and to raise your sales, you need to invest in employer branding. A fine brand will always be chosen instead of a no-name company. Employees have an urge to be proud of their jobs. It is not the salary that matters, is not even the office that impacts them; what influences their decision is your brand. They want to belong to something great. They need to be able to brag about it when they go out with their friends. The best candidates will choose the best brands!


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Hamsa Communication is a communication agency who delivers branding services, web design, social media campaigns, media relations, and other complex communication strategies. Based in Bucharest and rooted in Tel Aviv, Hamsa Communication has projects all over the world and managed for many years different types of projects for multiple domains. Its mission consists of building revolutionary brands who understand the customers’ need for quality and professionalism.

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